Editorial & Peer Review Process


Editorial & Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to Vidya – A Journal of Gujarat University are evaluated based on their alignment with the journal's scope, academic quality, novelty, relevance to our readership, and their contribution to Vidya’s core objectives. We employ a double-blind peer review process, ensuring that both the authors' and reviewers' identities remain anonymous.

A detailed outline of our editorial process is provided below:


Upon submission, the manuscript is reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief to ensure it meets Vidya’s scope and basic submission criteria.


If the manuscript passes the initial screening, it is assigned to a handling editor, who forwards it to at least two expert reviewers. The manuscript is anonymized, and a double-blind peer review is conducted. If the manuscript does not pass the initial screening, it is rejected without further review.


A decision is made only after receiving at least two review reports. If the reviews differ significantly, an additional reviewer may be consulted to aid in the decision-making process. At this stage, the manuscript may be rejected, accepted with minor or major revisions, or accepted as is. If significant changes are needed, the handling editor may suggest a major revision and resubmission, which will undergo a second round of peer review. If accepted, the manuscript is returned to the author for formatting. The Editor-in-Chief makes the final acceptance decision based on the handling editor’s recommendation and editorial board approval.


Manuscripts requiring revision are sent back to the authors, who have up to two weeks to revise and format the manuscript. The handling editor reviews the revised manuscript to ensure all required changes are adequately addressed. If the revisions are insufficient, the manuscript will be returned to the authors for further revision. If the handling editor determines that further revisions will not sufficiently improve the manuscript, they may recommend rejection.


In the final stage, the handling editor decides whether the revised manuscript meets the standards for publication. If accepted, the manuscript is queued for typesetting, proofreading, and publication in an upcoming issue. If the revisions are inadequate, the manuscript is rejected.

This process ensures that all articles published in Vidya – A Journal of Gujarat University meet the highest standards of academic quality and relevance.