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According to a Goldman Sachs report, the Indian market's digital advertising profession is expected to be worth multiple times its current value, or $160 billion, by 2025 (Kaur, 2023) (Singh M. K., 2021). The same report projects that by 2023; there will be approximately 666 million active Indian web users (Kaur, 2023). By 2020, digital marketing is predicted to generate 20 lakh new jobs (Kaur, 2023). A Magna Global advertising forecast states that India's advertising budget will increase by 11.8% in 2023. From Rs 98,200 crore in 2022 to Rs 1,09,900 crore in 2023, total ad sales are increasing (Brand Wagon Online, 2023). The objectives of this article are to study trends and growth of digital marketing in India (Singh M. K., 2021), understand the importance of digital marketing in India (Agrawal, 2023), the challenges of digital marketing in India, understand how to overcome the challenges in digital marketing (Singh M. K., 2021) impact of digital marketing on the Indian economy and examine the Indian government's support for digital marketing. For this study, the researcher employed a descriptive research design. Secondary data was utilized to acquire the data needed for the research.


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